New things are natural in a new year

by Rebecca A. Watson on January 9, 2012

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2012 has been with us now for about nine days, and I didn’t think I really had resolutions, per se. I like to just do things when they seem natural, but it turns out I’ve been inspired by this time of year.

    • Be nice. In my war against my inner criticit’s occurred to me that in some cases it’s good to have a critical or judgmental side. So instead of trying to destroy it, I’m thinking it just needs some new vocabulary. Every day in my journal I’m writing five things I like about myself.My 5 things   1. My hair is pretty.  2. I make delicious pancakes.  3. I listen to my doctor (most of the time).  4. I’m a good friend.  5. I follow my dreams.
    • Appreciate the moments. I take loads of photos, but most of them sit in a file on a computer and maybe end up on Facebook. This year, I’m printing those photos! Well, not all of them because some look like this:

      nobeyaki steam

      This was Nobeyaki Udon. It's a bit steamy isn't it?

But there are some that are great; it’s not really about how good the photo is, but how awesome the moment was. For this week, I’m having trouble choosing between this:

Big Sur New Year's Day moto ride

and this:

California Academy of Sciences with Sante's brother and sister

California Academy of Sciences with Sante's brother and sister

I’ll probably stick with the second one because even though it’s not about the photo, that shadow makes me a little bonkers.

  • Try new things.  I belong to a really cool Facebook group called Thirty Day Challenges. This is a way to try new and sometimes outrageous things. Some people have survived off of $200 worth of groceries in a month for a family of four. Others try volunteering a set number of hours throughout the month.

    It’s very non-judgmental and kinda fun. And it’s how I cultivated the habits of drying all my clothes naturally, composting and hopefully after this month, eating more raw fruits and veggies.

    kiwi shrimp lime relish

    This is definitely on the menu. (Click for the recipe.)

  • Don’t leave things unfinished. I feel like The Artist’s Way came into my life for a reason. It’s seriously one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself spiritually and creatively. My hubby bought me watercolor pencils for Christmas. Yes, even he believes I’m an artist!

    But I’m stuck, and mostly because I’ve been assigned to read my journals for the past few months.

    my journals

    Seriously? But I've got more writing to do!

  • Do more of what you love. Blogging is one of my favorite things, and I want to write more often. This requires me to be less of a perfectionist. I’ve set up my phone so that I can blog while I’m mobile, which will help because I am struck by inspiration most often when I’m not sitting in front of the computer. I know, crazy!

    Sunny Sanguinity is one of my true loves, and I want to spend more time with it. So fingers crossed, you’ll be seeing more posts in 2012 and maybe some upgrades around here. Thanks for reading and may you be filled with kindness, energy, bliss, joy and delicious food!

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