Let the love shine!

by Rebecca A. Watson on June 5, 2012

in love, relationships

I woke up feeling extra giddy this morning. The sun shone in the windows and I stretched toward it, already anticipating its love. I made brownies before 9 am. Today is special. Today Venus transit’s Earth.

transit of venus

Basically, everything is aligned in such a way that we see Venus pass in front of the sun. It’s not going to happen again for more than 100 years, so that in itself makes it pretty special. But what I’m really excited about is the sun’s energy passing through the planet on its way to us.

Venus governs relationships, arts, sex, beauty and more broadly, love. When the sun passes through it, its rays are filled with even more of those lovely qualities than normal.

Find out when it happens based on your location here. I guess what I’m trying to say, is get outside today. Soak up some love!

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