Happy Birthday Dear Sante!

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 19, 2012

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I’m a huge fan of birthdays. It is, after all, your own personal holiday. And I get excited about other people’s birthdays as well, which confuses some but amuses most. And really, who wouldn’t get excited about their birthday?

Apparently there are a lot of folks out there, including my hubby. And his is today. That’s right: My sweet Virgo man is celebrating his birthday today. He also happens to be returning home from a business trip, so it’s like a present for me!

Obviously I’ve been missing him these last few days, so I thought for his birthday, I’d write him a little list of things I love about him and miss in particular since he’s been away.

Eating dessert. Now we all know I’m a fan of pastries and candy. No bones about it. I love me some sugar. But it seems like things just taste better when you share them, which is probably why I enjoy giving my baked goods away. And Sante loves the brownies, cookies, fudge, cupcakes and any other treat I make.

sante eating pie crust

Every night he’ll ask, “Are you having dessert?” I know damn well he is. Sitting at home alone, there’s no one to ask me that question or make that delighted “Mmm” sounds with when we’re eating something particularly decadent.

His warmth. I’m not really talking about his personality here (although I could say that too). I mean physical body heat. Sante is my furnace at night when I sleep, so when he’s away I pile on the blankets.

And in a weird way, the house cools off too. I’ve even considered turning on the heat. It’s summer! And I’d wear one of his hoodies, but even they don’t seem as thick and cozy.

sante wearing every hoodie in his closet

Maybe I’m wearing them wrong.

Laughing. Who doesn’t like to laugh? I am certainly a fan, which is why the comedy genre is high on my list of movie preferences. I watched a few romantic comedies while Sante was away (along with some sci-fi he’s not into), but there’s nothing that substitutes for Sante’s brand of random, one-off wittiness.

Like a few weeks ago when I asked him to model the scarf I knit for him so I could blog about it. We went outside in the morning before work and he fired off these beauties.

sante fancy scarf

Like the duck face? I was laughing so hard and was stoked that not only was he OK with modeling but totally fine with me posting the pictures. This man rules. And my laughter doesn’t sound the same when he’s not around.

His smile. Apparently he’s heard it from more than just me, but this guy has a winning grin. It lights up my life, even when he’s laughing at me.

sante laughing

Or pulling a stocking over my head.

That smile hasn’t changed a bit. I’ve seen photos of him as a toddler and there it is. Adorable.

Bike talk. This came as a surprise to me, but I miss the incessant, mostly one-sided conversations about the merits of the 29ers and tubeless tires,   what type of bike to ride in what race, and whether or not he should carry a pack on this ride. It’s no secret this man loves to ride his bicycle.

sante pelot riding collage

But it’s obvious he’s wearing off on me, because not only have I gone mountain biking, I now own more than one bike  and am actually excited to hear about the new stuff he saw while he was away on his business trip. Because that’s bike related too. Love the man, love the bike, I guess.

So welcome home hunny and happy birthday. I’m excited to celebrate with you and am happy to have you to miss. May you (and I) be blessed with many years of smiles, jokes, sweets, warmth and bike riding.

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