The shower: Your new best friend

by Rebecca A. Watson on January 31, 2013

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A shower: Most people in developed countries have one. It may sit sit silently in your bathroom, or if it’s like mine, it’s begging to be cleaned. But did you know this modern-ish invention can unlock some serious secrets to making your life more vibrant and meaningful?


For some, a shower is the only time you really spend on yourselves. It’s 10 minutes of (usually) uninterrupted time for yourself. Are you really taking advantage of this special space?

Here are five simple and affordable things you can do to ensure that you’re being pampered in your daily shower.

1. Stop multi-tasking.  I know, this might seem counter-intutitive. After all, I am telling you how to make your life easier, simpler and more amazing while at the same time taking a shower. Isn’t that, in itself, multi-tasking?

Maybe, but bear with me. Put down the mental to-do list, stop composing emails and just be.

More than one person I know has had amazing ideas in the shower. An old housemate of mine wanted to put a dry erase board in our shower, she had so many she couldn’t remember them all.


There are plenty of interesting notions regarding this phenomenon that aren’t from people I know. So stop making your grocery list and allow the shower to work its magic.

2. Really wash your hair. You’ve been doing it for years. You know what you’re doing, right? Pretend for a minute that you don’t. Pretend that this is your first time ever washing your hair.

  • Saturate your hair with water. This involves running your finger throughout your hair and really making sure the water can get to every part of your scalp. Spend more time than you think necessary. This part is incredibly important. Have you ever tried washing a car with just soap? Get. Wet.
  • Use as much shampoo as you need to lather and really dig into your scalp with your fingers. Massage. Extra points if you wash behind your ears.
  • Rinse as well as you did when you initially got your hair wet.
  • Run conditioner through your hair from your ears to the ends. If you want, grab a big tooth comb and comb it through. Let it sit for a minute. Rinse one more time.

This event often takes up the majority of your shower. The tragedy is that we often just go through the motions, not giving ourselves the full spa treatment we deserve. Spending time doing something luxurious for ourselves will make us feel like the precious object we are.

3. Wash your feet. Some of the best advice I got in college was from a Native American history professor, who said, “Take care of your feet. They take you every where you go.” As a woman who has gone five years without a car, I understand now what he meant.

Lather your feet up and make sure to get in between those toes. Buy a pumice stone and use it. You can get one for $5 at your local drug store. Spend a minute every shower loving your feet. They deserve it.

4. Sing. Isn’t it true that the acoustics are just right in your bathroom for a one-woman (or man) broadway show? Sometimes you’d swear that there’s a recording studio hidden somewhere in the walls. That’s how good you could be. Just belt it out. All by yourself.

Unless you’re like me, you’re probably not comfortable walking down the street belting out a song to passers-by, at least outside the comfort of your iPod headphones or your car. So take this opportunity while you’re alone to do the real thing, in all of your glory.

Being your uninhibited self will give you a bit more confidence and may even improve your health.

5. Change the temperature. If you’re like most of the modern world, you’ve got running water and a water heater. But maybe you haven’t really grasped the luxuriously life you really live.

You stand underneath water, which is brought to your door and pushed through pipes over your head so that you might clean your body. (And, if you’re like me, your teeth too.)

As you mull that amazing feat over, turn the temperature dial on your faucet.

Not too much, now. No need to get extreme. Just enough to recognize that you have the power of kings, nay gods, in some of the Earth’s eyes. There are some who say hydrotherapy can lead to immortality.

A little too cold for you? Change it up. It’s like a mini-exercise in gratitude.

A shower is a powerful tool to help you understand how beautiful you and your life is and can be. Follow these easy steps, and I’m confident you’ll see a marked difference in your attitude, your appearance and your life.

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