Happy Day O’ Love!

by Rebecca A. Watson on February 14, 2013

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This summer I was chatting with my husband’s coworker who was telling me about his lady friend. He was super happy, telling me stories about how they met, their first dates and how things went from there. He had such a wide grin, I swear his cheeks would rip!

“Awww!!! I love love,” I said.

He seemed to think that was pretty funny, but it’s true folks. I am a sucker for all things love. It doesn’t matter what kind of noun it is: person, place or thing. Heck, you could even throw some verbs in there. I mean, I definitely love to eat.

rebecca eating twinkie

Yes it’s a deep-fried Twinkie. What’s the problem?

But there seems to be one thing I am not always so good at, and that’s the whole self-love thing. I read that the Dalai Lama actually had trouble comprehending the idea of low self-worth because it just wasn’t a problem in Tibet. I wish that was the case throughout the world.

Since I’ve always been an advocate of sending out Valentine’s Day letters, I’ve decided that this year I’d write a love letter to myself. Cheesy as it may seem, I haven’t sent myself very many of these through the years and Valentine’s Day seems like as good a day as any to start. 


Dear Self,

I know you haven’t been feeling so great lately. I know you’re feeling lonely after your good friend moved away. And that’s OK to be sad. It’s normal and to tell you the truth it’s kind of a relief. You used to be so stoic when people left your life.

Maybe this surge of grief and other emotions will help you realize it’s OK to feel something other than glee, happiness, optimism and other “positive” emotions. And maybe it will help you laugh when Sante calls you the Ice Queen because you’ll realize he really is just talking about how cold your feet are.

They're seriously freezing!

They’re seriously freezing!

I want you to know something. I think you’re amazing. You’re smart, witty, talented and ballsy enough to actually try to use all of it. Remember that when you’re thinking of sticking your head back in the sand. Remember how much better the view is, first of all, and how much more alive you feel when you’re actually following your heart.

You’re a brave, beautiful soul. It doesn’t matter how old you get, what kind of hair cut you have or if your socks don’t match, you will always be beautiful.

Chock it up to what others have called your “incredible lust for life.” Or maybe it’s because you won’t stop listening to ridiculous music. Or insist that you’re only white on the outside. Your beauty shines from the inside out and nothing can take that away.

Know that you are making smart choices, even when you might second-guess yourself. You’re doing the right things to live life as a complete human being. I’m super proud of you for that, because I know it’s not easy. But someone once said, sometimes the right choices are the hardest ones.

sante dessert

I want you to know that I believe in you. You have it in you to be a successful writer and businesswoman. By your previous standards, you are already that. Keep pushing. Keep chasing your dream, because no one but you can catch it.

And even though I know you have some of the greatest people in your life, I want you to know that you’ll never be alone. I will always be here for you. You’re my favorite person and I truly love you with all my heart.



When’s the last time you wrote yourself a love note? I bet it’s probably been a while. Find some time today to sit down and write one, however that looks for you. Maybe it’s dancing to your favorite song with reckless abandon or soaking in a hot tub filled with suds. However you show your love, show some to yourself today.

And as my sweet husband says, “Happy Valentimes!”

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Molly February 19, 2013 at 3:55 pm

Yay, I love this post! I’m going to make it a point to write myself that letter 🙂 I was wondering if you have any resources you’d reccomend to cultivate positivity. This blog is a great one for me, but I’m curious how you becaome your fierce optimist-self. Thanks for sharing the self-love!


Ms. Becca February 21, 2013 at 3:27 pm

Hey Molly! Thanks for the kind words…I think sometimes that the way I grew up just forced me to be really optimistic, but I do read a couple of blogs/sites for inspiration. There’s Rob Brezsny’s newsletter that really is full of beauty and wonder along with astrology that even if you don’t believe in that, has great ideas for keeping positive every week.

I love Think Simple Now, which is why I write for them. There’s also The Daily Love, which got me through some hard times too.

Your question has inspired my latest post…it’ll be going up soon, so look for it 🙂


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