Tarot Transcribed: For the love of choice

by Rebecca A. Watson on March 28, 2013

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It’s my favorite month of the year, and not just because it’s my birthday month. All right, so it’s not quite April, but it’s close enough, right?

The sun has started shining in between rain showers, which means more rainbows, and flowers are peaking out. My tulips are in bloom and the rose bush I thought I destroyed with my “pruning” is absolutely raging with thorns and buds. I’m stoked for that thing to flower into a mess of roses.


The thing with spring is that it’s all about new beginnings. You clean out your closet, open the windows, wash down the walls (well, maybe only the OCD of us do that) and release all the mustiness and old energy that’s been living in our homes.

April’s Tarot card has been whispering to me for the past few days, and I couldn’t really figure out what it was trying to say. Why would The Lovers want to come up now? Isn’t it traditionally a card for May, I puzzled. (Sidenote: I am going to the Beltane celebration put on by one of the local covens this year. I promise you and myself.)

lovers druid craft

But really, if there was ever a card that shows the promise of spring, with all it’s new-life-bunny-love blossoming, it’s this card. Of course I want everyone to find love, whether it’s with a significant other or more importantly, with ourselves.

This card speaks of fulfillment and union, of understanding and opening to the masculine and the feminine. We’ve all got both of those in us, and when we can appreciate those parts of us, accepting ourselves as the complex and beautiful soul we are, that is when we find true fulfillment.

This isn’t always about love so much as it is about choice. We need to honor all parts of ourselves, which means it might be time to do some spring cleaning in our lives, whether it’s the people we choose to spend time with or the behaviors we’ve made habits.

It’s easy to continue doing things as we always have. And a lot of those thing used to serve us, but times change and so do we, especially if we want to live brilliant lives. Now is the time to make the tough decisions. Do it for love.

Hell, I’m doing it. Why don’t you? Every day you’re presented with an opportunity to make changes through the choices you make. And the habits you have are just choices you’ve made over and over.


So do some soul searching and realize what choices you’re making without thinking. Find out where you’re on auto-pilot. What requires more of your attention? Get quiet and your soul will tell you. When you turn your light of self-awareness on to those choices, you’ll start blossoming like that rose bush in my front yard.

What choices are you making every day that you’d like to change? It could be as simple as skipping the second cup of coffee or as big as breaking it off with a toxic friend.

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Olivia [i am still learning] March 28, 2013 at 7:46 pm

Why do I always feel like you’re talking to me?

Boo… pick on someone else. No, it was a great post- really. I think we could use a bit of changing for the better.


Ms. Becca March 28, 2013 at 8:48 pm

Oh Olivia! I’m not picking on you 😉 I’m glad what I write resonates with you. Take it easy on yourself but be the best you you can be!


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