A Lesson in Gratitude from the Mad Hatter

by Rebecca A. Watson on April 18, 2013

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Every year as an adult I have taken my birthday off from work. Sante thinks thinks this is silly and says most grown men and women work on their birthdays. He also thinks it’s funny how excited I get about my birthday.

Um, hellooooo? Own personal holiday? Yes, please! And if I’m not doing what grownups are doing, then good! All the grownups I know tell kids not to rush to get older, so why should I?

peter pan

Is having this complex really so bad?

That being said, I did work on my birthday. Actually, I have been working my ass off this week. The way things worked out with everything in my life, I’m pretty stressed out. And I was totally freaking out about it last night. Like not able to sleep. But then I had a reality check.

I enjoyed acupuncture this week. I’ve been jogging next to the ocean. I sleep next to the man I adore every night of the week. My garden is chock full of broccoli and brussel sprouts. And … I’m going to be headed to New Orleans this coming weekend! I’m so thrilled to be off to the land of voodoo, mystery, cemeteries and mmmmazing food.

I’m a little embarrassed now by my freak out moment. By my anger that I have to work on my BIRTH DAY. Hmph! I don’t wanna! (Cue foot stomping, pouting, four year old.) But my reality check told me something.

I don’t call this growing up. I call it doing the things I love on an accelerated timeline. I’m lucky to love my work, which means even when I’m swamped with deadlines and feeling the stress creep up, it’s cool. I’m on permanent vacation. And even on vacation things can get a little stressful. You can get lost … run out of gas …

grand canyon

… fall down a Grand Canyon.

So if you’re feeling a little rushed, stressed out or overwhelmed right now, remember that you’re on permanent vacation. Really! Because most of us have unbelievably awesome lives. How many rooms are in your house? Is the electricity on whenever you want? I mean seriously. Do you get to go outside and walk? On your two legs that work? Most likely.

And I also realized something even more important (and I can’t believe I ever forgot this), that there are 364 UNbirthdays!

So, a very merry unbirthday to YOU!!!

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