Tarot Transcribed: Give *Me* the Keys

by Rebecca A. Watson on June 13, 2013

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I’ve never been big into spring cleaning, mostly because I don’t like to be told what to do. But lately I kind of get it. Spring is all about renewal, and it’s hard to build something solid on the wreckage and refuse of old.

It’s not that I’ve been scrubbing walls and emptying closets so much (I save that for times of reading deprivation). It’s more like I’ve been cleaning out my mental closets and scrubbing my insides clean.

It’s in this spirit that I offer up the Tarot card I think best suits June. Can you guess what it is? Here’s a hint:

Whenever I look at The Devil in the Rider Waite deck I can’t help but think of this scene. It’s not so much that he looks like him; it’s more like the devil is some sort of character from a fairy tale whose roots have long ago been forgotten.


This is why I’m way more partial to the deck I have, where the card has been renamed as Cernunnos, the Celtic god of fertility, life, wealth, animals and the underworld. So yeah, he’s got the whole death thing happening around him, but he also symbolizes pretty much all of what makes Earthly things well, Earthly. The base instincts.

cernunnos devil 15 major arcana

Some people think these things are evil, but most pagan religions just see them as a necessary part of life. The cycle. In both decks, the humans seem to be imprisoned somehow by whatever earthly desires might entrap them. But if you look closer, or consider a bit longer, you notice that the pair can easily remove the chains and walk away. The lovers can wake up and live fully.

And that’s what this card for June is all about. Waking up to your full life and understanding that while these Earthly things can help you strive for glory and greatness in some ways, they can enslave you in others. It’s your job to see what is doing what in your life. You hold the keys to your freedom.

And once you can do that, once you understand the difference between what motivates you on this planet from what owns you, there is no limit to what you can do with your life. That’s why I think this card is so exciting. ¡Dios mio! The devil isn’t nearly as scary as the priest makes him out to be.

So I encourage you to be real with yourself. What on this earth is holding you back? Are you hurting people because of your desires? Good lord, I know I have. Not always intentionally, but yes. I have been a classless jerk on more than one occasion, and most of the time it had to do with me chasing some Earthly addiction: sex, booze, sugar.

Once I saw that, and took control of what I could control (myself), suddenly my life is moving in the direction I’d been praying for for years. Yee haw!

So before spring is completely over, why not do a little housecleaning? How can you wake up, or unsnare yourself from those addictions? How can you take control of your chains and use them for you? Do it for you. Do it for humanity. Do it for all the Puddy’s in the world.

P.S. I also have an article published this week about how to cook more at home. You should check it out and let me know what you think.

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Olivia June 14, 2013 at 9:49 pm

Interesting read. I know I have somethings I need to work on. Off to read your other article, I need to cook more! 🙂


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