MMP: Occasionally struggling, always enraptured

by Rebecca A. Watson on May 19, 2014

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Today Ashley is coming over to film me making gluten-free cinnamon rolls. Yes, I am finally putting the recipe up on my blog now that I have a videographer in my life. (I think the recipe requires a video.)

Because of that, and the fact that it was so nice outside this weekend I decided to picnic, bike and lay about most of the time (I’m digging this being nice to myself thing), this week’s Monday Morning Pages consists just of a few passages that resonated with me this week.

picnic freiburg

Being outside is wonderful.

From 2012:

Sometimes I’m so excited to be alive at this point because the world is waking up and it’s so cool to be a part of it and then there are other times it just seems to be too impossible.

Remember what you were contemplating: What’s hard about being human?

When you’re everywhere, when your soul is in its infinite form, it makes complete sense that everything is one, that I am this whole world and Universe.

But when I’m distilled into a being, it’s much harder to comprehend that I’m that cow, that piece of grass or that the weirdo at the bus stop is also me because I begin and end somewhere physically.

And what’s more, even if and when I comprehend it, it’s harder to know what to do with it. Am I supposed to give all my money away? Quit eating meat? Quit living as most humans do in my community?

Or am I supposed to strike a balance? I know the answer …

What else is hard? Not succumbing to the nature I was born into: my genetics. From drinking to excess to eating out to greed. It’s all there.

Is it easier the farther away you get from it? I dunno. I guess if I never see a beer again it would be easy. And if there wasn’t extreme wealth and wonderful things I want it would be easier, but then life wouldn’t be nearly as amazing to behold. Again with the balance. Yep, it all comes back to that and self-acceptance.

little stonehedge

From 2013:

I am enraptured with the ordinary. I’m glad I got that book of affirmations. I think that it’s only within the past few years that I’ve understood what this means — being enraptured by the ordinary.

Like many people who loved drama I thought it had to be a wild ride in order to be worth anything. But because I have such a lust for life, it wasn’t that hard for me to switch gears [despite the occasional itch to start a fight or get wasted].

Appreciating a good cup of tea, a beautiful hike or just knitting or reading next to Sante brings me great joy. I would say that I’m learning the dance called life and that I’m getting better at it.

Also I’m finally understanding, through meditations and The Guest House, that it’s OK to have ALL of my feelings and that everything is really a temporary state: This too shall pass.

It’s hard to see it always and of course I don’t want to think my happiness will give way to sadness, but that’s just an old habit. And by appreciating and listening to my feelings and emotions I can interpret what’s going on.

What about you? Are there things you find difficult about being human? And what about every day life enraptures you?

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