Radishes get their own festivals?

by Rebecca A. Watson on May 30, 2014

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Just as I was grumbling about how we weren’t gonna get Memorial Day weekend this year, I realized, hey wait! There’s Christi Himmelfahrt, or quite literally, Jesus’ ride into the sky. A public holiday here in Germany, none of the stores were open, but our friend’s gun club was having a radish festival.

Now, I have always been a fan of radishes (spicy water!) but this was something new. But I figured if Gilroy could have a garlic festival, why couldn’t this club celebrate an underrated root vegetable?

radishes and bread

Radishes soaked in salt water, along with the German staples: Bread, butter and wurst.

These radishes were unlike anything I’d ever seen before, so of course I had to take a picture. And we were a bit of a novelty for the folks as well. Our friend Alex told Sante he was the first Californian there. If it hadn’t been for his fiance Ashley beating us to the punch, we would’ve been the first Americans there.

george radish peeling

George on radish duty.

We also dipped our feet in the Rhine for the first time and skipped rocks along the surface. Verdict: My definition of cold water is different than most other humans, and Sante is virtually ambidextrous.

Sante's cast didn't stop him from mingling with the local wildlife.

Sante’s cast didn’t stop him from mingling with the local wildlife.


Although generally an animal lover, he’ s particularly keen on fighting a swan. There were dozens there! I had to talk him down.

After our outdoor adventure, we stopped at the longest covered bridge in Europe. Built and destroyed several times since the 1200s, it was pretty impressive. It connects Germany to Switzerland.

swiss german border bridge

So, naturally I had to do this: Left foot in Germany! Right foot in Switzerland!

We had a great time, and all our train connections worked out better than we thought, which was rad since we are in Mercury Retrograde’s shadow. But I think traveling is kinda fun during this time, if you keep your mind open.

One thing I wanted to make sure to tell you is that I’ve started something new! I’ve created Ripples of Reflection, weekly writing prompts that I’ll send out via email. Since I started my Monday Morning Pages feature, I’ve had several folks let me know how much it’s inspired them to write.

This, along with a spiritual pull, has led me to create the prompts, a guide for anyone interested in writing to connect with their needs, their wants, their oddities and their soul’s purpose.

The email will include a weekly writing prompt, something from my blog’s archives that I think is relevant now and something that spoke to me this week from around the web. You can sign up here, or in the sidebar up top. I hope you’ll join me. I’m really excited about this and it should be fun as it grows and changes.

So have a super sky-surfing Jesus weekend!

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Nameless Here May 31, 2014 at 2:11 pm

I must try the radishes. I have a new love for sauerkraut since my son made it from scratch. The bottled stuff can’t compare.


Rebecca A. Watson May 31, 2014 at 8:54 pm

Yep, radishes are pretty good here. Different than sauerkraut obviously, but still so good. I like to dip them in hummus 🙂


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