5 Christmas Movie Scenes I Frickin’ Love

by Rebecca A. Watson on December 18, 2014

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I’m getting ready to fly to San Francisco (yay for Mexican food and the ocean!!) and I have been working like mad, which means my hands are hurting. (Boo for carpal tunnel!!)

So since I’ve been getting pretty serious lately, writing about race relations and depression, I decided to give us all a break.

Here are some of my favorite clips from movies I love, and in many cases have watched again and again.

1. Jamie proposes to Aurelia, Love Actually — I don’t care how cheesy this scene might appear, it brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. If you haven’t, for some insane reason not seen this movie, do it now.

2. “You like sugar, don’t you?” Elf — It’s hard to pick a favorite scene from this movie, it’s all so great. Will Ferrell at his best. But I mean, c’mon, I love sugar. And something about the burp humor brings me back to being a kid. This whole movie makes me feel that way.

3. “Fornicate?” Bad Santa — Everything about this movie is just wrong. And that’s what so great about it. Hands down one of my favorites. And I heard a rumor there’s gonna be a sequel!?! Just stop it.

4. The squirrel attack, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation — I fiiiiinally saw this movie this year and I laughed so hard at this scene. I love how Julia Louise-Dreyfus’ character just gets mangled. Ahahaha!

5. “Yippe Ki Yay …” in Die Hard — I’m a die hard Die Hard fan (haaaa!) and of course, the original is classic. One of my friends said in Germany they dubbed him saying the equivalent of “Eff you” … he was so disappointed there was no direct translation.

OK there are a lot more, but I’m stopping now. I could go on for hours really 🙂

What about you? What are some of your favs?

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