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by Rebecca A. Watson on January 30, 2015

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In the last few weeks, Sante and I have been getting to know the newest member of our family Neka. The name is Objibwe for wild goose, and believe me, it fits. She loves a good chase, is silly as they come and really thinks she’s a bird (or at least wants to be friends with birds).

She is incredibly difficult to photograph because of her very black hair and eyes. Most of the time she comes across looking like a blob of black. This has spared our Facebook friends from the typical barrage of photos most dog parents post. Here is one of the few out there.

rebecca neka backpack 1

We were visiting Sante at his office. I rode my bike there, and until we get our doggie bike basket next week, it’s her transit digs. Of course, I could’ve taken the tram. Dogs are allowed on public transit — on just a leash no less.

You can see her a bit better in videos. The first week she was here, we were in the kitchen — me working, her sleeping. She got up to drink some water and I heard the funniest sound. Listen/look carefully. I captured it here:

So ridiculously cute. We’re totally in love. Of course.

Anyway, if you’re looking to read something good from me aside from my puppy obsession, you can check out this:

I hate to admit it, but I am not good at letting things go. A few days ago I stared getting worked up about a disagreement a good friend and I had. It replayed in my head; the hurt in my heart flared up again.

The worst part? It happened more than a year ago, and it’s been resolved. If she knew I still harbored these feelings, she’d probably be upset. After all, weren’t we past that? … Continue reading 6 Ways to Let Go of Anger at Think Simple Now.

Or if you’re more in the mood for a more actionable post, read this:

Of all the little things in life, one of my favorites is a clean house. Unfortunately, that means I need to clean in order to keep it that way. When I was younger this meant spending hours on the weekend sweeping, mopping and scrubbing.

As I got older I decided to take back my weekends, and I would clean only when things looked dirty. The trouble with that was when the sinks needed scrubbing, I was usually stuck working late nights or had about 10 other obligations — cleaning had to wait. And things would get, well, gross. … Continue reading 4 Quick Steps to a Cleaner Home at Jordana Paige.

That’s the scoop for this week. On the writing front, I got a bunch of positive feedback about my last post, which thank you! I’m enjoying this experiment.

And there is a writer’s group forming here in Freiburg, so be on the lookout for more of my newer style. Or more silly movies of Neka.

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ScrubJay February 3, 2015 at 5:16 am

What an absolutely darling dog. Please do post more videos of Neka!


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