3 Fun Ways to Rock Venus Retrograde

by Rebecca A. Watson on August 11, 2015

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If you’re feeling like things are weird lately, and not always good weird, you’re probably picking up on the fact that Venus is retrograde, which means it looks like, to us on Earth, she’s moving backwards in the sky.

While it’s technically not true (although I’m sure in some Universe planets do move backward and forward) it does affect us here on Earth, because perspective is everything, isn’t it?

So while there are a few bloggers out there who have done survival guides or written extensively about this time, Gala Darling and Mystic Medusa being my favorites, there are a few other tips I’d like to add to help you get through and actually enjoy this time on our lovely blue planet.

NASA just got this image in June. Gorgeous yeah?

NASA just got this image in June, from 1 million miles away. Gorgeous yeah?

Clean Up Your Beauty Regimen

If there is one place I have always been a bit embarrassed to show my friends, it was my makeup bag. Years of old blush dust, eyeliner shavings and stray Q-Tips (clean but colored from all that makeup grit) sat at the bottom of the bag.

It wasn’t just the mess though. There were samples of eye shadow and small tubes of beauty cream I’d never opened but kept because they were expensive and I’d got them for free!

It's amazing how much this stuff costs.

It’s amazing how much this stuff costs.

Never mind when I got it. I couldn’t tell you the date, and weirdly, makeup doesn’t really come with expiration dates printed on the side.

It wasn’t until the last year that I’d looked at my beauty regimen with a critical eye, and while Venus retrogrades, it’s the perfect activity for you to do too.

Evaluate all the weird samples, strange soaps and lotions you’ve accumulated over the years. Are you ever going to use them? Even if you did, would they be any good?

You can donate a lot of stuff that hasn’t been opened to shelters, and the rest? Dump it and recycle the bottles.

As for your makeup? Here is a helpful guide to expiration dates on different beauty products. Read it, and start tossing stuff out. This can also help you get a clearer sense of what you still like and what was definitely a phase.

Guys can do this too, so gentlemen, open your medicine cabinets and start tossing!


We’ve seen your showers!

Evaluate Your Closet

I’m not talking about the traditional appraisal, where you take out a few things to donate and call it good. I am talking about a style assessment.

If you’ve never heard of anything like this, neither had I until I read it on Jordana Paige’s blog awhile back. It’s a brilliant exercise for Venus retrograde.

It’s not for the faint of heart — it’s gonna take some time — but the results can really help you:

  • understand why you shop the way you do.
  • nail down what your style truly is.
  • know what pieces to start investing in.
  • be honest about what you need to stop buying.
My realization? Stop with the safari green.

My realization? Stop with the safari green.

The exercise is written in three parts and comes with a handy style guide you can print out and refer to. Since Venus doesn’t go direct until September, you’ve got time to do it (maybe one part every weekend?) and have some fun with it.

Start with Part One here.

Go Through Your Creative Stash

We all have them. I don’t care if you’re one of those people who says, “Oh I’m not creative at all.” You, yes you, have a creative stash hidden somewhere in your house.

A lot of times it’s disguised as a place where you put weird things you don’t want to throw away — pieces of fabric, pretty jam jars, extra buttons, old magazines. Other people just call it the junk drawer.

If you’re anything like me, your creative stash is all over the house.

  • Colored pencils, crayons and notebooks stashed on a shelf.
  • Yarn bursting out of the closet — it’s still all on one shelf though, so it’s not out of control, I swear!
  • A drawer of random fabric I’m planning to use for some unknown project.
  • Clothes that don’t fit me sitting in a dresser, waiting to be repurposed.
Can you be addicted to yarn?

Can you be addicted to yarn?

While I have the best of intentions for all of these things, it’s time to be realistic. Am I really going to sew anything with the ridiculously loud fabric I made curtains out of for our old laundry room?

When you have stuff like this stashed all over the house and you don’t do anything with it, you aren’t giving yourself any time to explore new types of creativity. Your stash is taking up all the space, in your home and in your mind.

I know that I’ll often want to try something new (like painting or dance) but oh dear lord the projects I have waiting for me at home! I can’t even name them all. How could I, in good conscience, add to my list? Why would I want to?

And that is the problem. The solution isn’t to toss everything you own just because some hobbies may be lying dormant. The solution is to create a name for them all.

This gives them constraints and allows you to try new things because it requires less energy and takes up less space. Here’s what you need:

  • An afternoon
  • Post-it notes or a notebook you can tear pages out of
  • A pen
Because god knows our work spaces are always so pristine.

And coffee. Coffee’s always a good idea. (Holly not necessary.)

Here’s the process:

  1. Pull out all of your creative stashes from their respective spaces and set them out, either on a clean space on the floor or on a table. **You’ll want to be able to walk away from this, so set this somewhere you can leave it for a day.**
  2. Look at the things you have in front of you, each one in turn. Ask yourself, What can I use this for? and write down everything that comes to mind on the post-it note or piece of paper.
  3. Attach that piece of paper to the item and move on.
  4. Repeat this process until you’ve finished with everything in your creative stash.
  5. Take a break! Hooray, you have done the heavy lifting part of the project! Have coffee with a friend, go for a nice walk, enjoy a nap. Come back the next day if you’re feeling at all rushed.
  6. Now it’s time to evaluate your stash. Again pick up each piece and read the things you could do with it. Ask yourself this, “Will I do any of these things in the next year?” and really put yourself through the seasons in your head.
  7. If you can see yourself knitting socks in the winter, creating cute brownies in a jar for your child’s birthday party or drawing in front of the river next spring, keep the respective item.
  8. If you can’t see yourself doing anything in the next year (BE HONEST!), then set it aside the item to either be donated or given to someone who might enjoy it.
  9. Put your To Keep items in an organized place with your post-it notes still on them. Marvel at how much lighter you feel and how inspired you are to do more creatively.


Parting Words

This time is special, although it might feel really tough. Channel that energy into the things Venus is known for: beauty, love, art and sex.

Hang on, my friends, and enjoy the ride!

Photo Credits: NASA, Bayan Al-sadhan, Patrick Haney, Jean Behr, TheKarenD, Kaboompics.com, Unsplash

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