Around the Web with Rebecca — Weekend Edition

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 26, 2015

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I realized recently that I have a load of new posts out on other sites, if you’re looking for more of my writing. I figured I better hook you up with this list on the weekend, so you can sit down with a nice cup of coffee, relax and take your time with it.


  • 5 Qualities Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Hone — If you’re like the many folks who are still saving your money, there’s still plenty you can be doing now to make your business thrive. Here are five skills I’d wish I’d honed before I started my business.
  • 3 Tips for Accomplishing Anything — In the past few years, I have worked on loads of different “big” projects. I’ve knit an afghan. I wrote a novel. I moved to Germany. While they all have different outcomes, I looked at every one with similar attitude and approach.

Other Stuff Worth Checking Out

If you like any of these, please share them with your friends. I am always looking for new readers. If you have any ideas for articles or would like to trade blog posts (yay for guest blogging!) email me.

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