What Does 888 Mean? 8 Ways to Find Out

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 8, 2015

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I’m happy to have Tiffany Crosara guest blogging for me today. Tiffany explains some numerology and Tarot and has a free offer at the end of the post.

This August we had a triple 8 alignment (8th of the 8th, 2+0+1+5 =8).

What does 888 mean?

You may recognize the number 8 as the infinity symbol, the strongest essence of life force there is — essentially an unbreakable flow.

In the Tarot, the infinity symbol is often depicted over the head of The Magician and of Strength.

Can you find the infinity symbols on these cards?

Can you find the infinity symbols on these cards?

In Strength, the infinity symbol represents that no matter what happens to you, whatever you go through, there is always a part of you that remains unbroken. When you are aware of that, the creation in your life becomes completely activated.

In The Magician, the meaning of the infinity symbol reflects how important it is to work magic for the highest good of creation. The infinity symbol shows cause and affect — standing for how what you give out comes back threefold.

It can’t be helped. Just by looking at the triple strand structure of DNA (888), we can see we are it!

Now lets multiply that threefold by the 888 Lionsgate. The Lionsgate is a portal of energy that floods the earth every year during the time of Leo.


We could go really deep into this – and get really lost! Connections with Sirius, Pleiadians, Meteorite showers, Ancient Egypt, even the recent sad story of Cecil The Lion who has become an animal martyr, sacrificed to raise our consciousness.

But let’s just keep this simple. It basically means that the universal flow is at its highest. The amount of synchronicity I have been experiencing for the last couple of weeks has been unbelievable, and I expect it has for you too.

And it doesn’t just seem to be one of those times where we encounter synchronicity but it doesn’t lead anywhere. No. It seems like the synchros are marking a momentous flow that has such a power we can’t do anything but be swept along with it birthing through into a new life.

From that I am coining the term “SynchroFlowThrough” and giving it the meaning:

“a synchronicity that actually clearly leads us somewhere.”

Lets look at how to honor that flow.

8 Ways To Honour Your SynchroFlowThrough

  1. Remember each moment of synchronicity is a piece in a puzzle. If you can’t see the bigger picture yet, then you need more pieces. Know and trust these will come in time.
  2. Instead of trying to work it all out, become an observer. Say thank you to the universe when it shows you something, and graciously hold the space for more.
  3. Journal, journal journal! Each and everyday, note down happenings and watch them grow and make sense as the story unfolds.
  4. There maybe times when the message is just blatant, but we are too much in fifth gear to honor it. If this happens, see it as a signal to change gears, slow down, think about what is it saying to you. Then act on it.
  5. When acting on synchronicity, do so as an honoring to the universal flow — without attachment to the outcome, remembering that universe’s power of creation is far more than yours. Attachment will only block and limit it. Allow it flow through freely and the creation will come forth in its most magnificent.
  6. Remember synchronicity is instant, the flow is instant, intuition is instant. Be instantaneous!
  7. Share your stories of synchronicity and watch how the magic grows! The more you share, the more it increases — for you and the people you share with.
  8. Unplug! Yes the matrix can be full of mind blowing synchros (It seems like every time I go on Facebook, I see 111 in some form or another, the times of communication marked as 11:11 or 22:22, or 1:11 or 2:22 and so on) and instant messaging is great for honouring the instant flow.BUT there are times we need it all to settle, to percolate, to do nothing. I am not so great at this I admit, I need to be forced. But when I am unplugged there is no doubting that the space allows for the creation to settle, percolate, come into clarity and be reborn.

Wishing you incredible magic in everyway!

About The Author

Tiffany Crosara learnt a lot the hard way, the pain of misunderstanding became the liberation of understanding which she went on to share with the world by writing The Transformational Truth of Tarot, which won best spiritual book of 2012 making way for two more awards – best Newcomer TV Psychic and Facilitating people to make better life choices. She gives monthly readings on live TV and her second book The Transformational Truth of YOU! is released this September. This year Tiffany created 22 Pathways To Freedom which she offers for free to anyone who wants liberation in their life.


If you’re a writer and have an idea for a post, I’d love to hear from you. I’m looking for more guest bloggers this year. Email me! I’m waiting 😉

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