Work with Me: Transcriber Wanted — Post filled

by Rebecca A. Watson on April 4, 2016

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The post has been filled.  Thank you to everyone who applied. 


I have had this really rad idea for a new project — in fact, I already started. The problem is that since I’m now rocking a full-time gig, in a German office, where I (attempt to) speak German all day, I am struggling to find the time to gain traction on this thing. And it’s a good thing. Like world-changing, in my (and some of my friend’s) humble opinion.


I need someone to transcribe a few interviews. This has been stopping me for months now. I keep looking online, trying to find a human and not some weird service where the transcribers may or may not get paid. And the humans I’ve found aren’t returning my emails.

It dawned on me today that I have a whole bunch of talented people I can draw on here and in my social network. Duh. And to think I was a social media marketer. For shame.

Anyway, consider this an official request for proposals. Here are the details:

  • Three interviews: 20 minutes, 1 hour, 6 min, and 1 hour 8 min.
  • Two speakers: One American female (me!) and one Syrian male (he speaks rather well, with an accent of course)
  • I will pay via Paypal, or if you live in the U.S., via bank transfer
  • If this goes well, it could be an ongoing service I would need
  • Please send your proposal to me via email with the subject line “Transcription proposal”

If you’re not a transcriber, please share this in the hopes that maybe I can find the right person for the gig. And in return, here is an excellent video I can’t get enough of. I hope you enjoy it.

Also Neka says, “Thank you.”


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