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by Rebecca A. Watson on May 22, 2016

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Things in my life have changed a lot in the last many years, and while Mystic Medusa has said that other people’s change is my stagnant, I am wondering when I will be satisfied with it all. And if I could ever be satisfied with something so normal as a job I don’t hate, which for most people is A-OK.

But those are big questions, ones that occupy my mind right now and will sometime soon brew into something I can write about. For now, I have to be content with letting them marinate.

Mmmm ... grilled veggies.

Mmmm … marinated, grilled veggies. BBQ season is upon us. But I digress …

At any rate, here is a list of things I have been up to lately and have no real way of putting them into a blog post.

I have been riding an e-bike to work every day, rain or shine, which has been pretty amazing and faster than the train, which is also awesome. I get to appreciate views I hadn’t really stopped to notice before. And then there’s the exercise, which I will leave for another post. Let’s just say, I am hungrier than I thought it would be.

A morning last week

A morning last week

Yes I wear a helmet and hi-vis gear!

Yes I wear a helmet and hi-vis gear!

If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter. I post pics from my rides all the time, which is a lot of fun. And I tweet about other stuff, like this powerful article, Poor People Deserve to Taste Something Other Than Shame.

I also dyed my hair green. Well not all of it, but enough to get a few comments from friends and colleagues and to match all my green eye shadow and clothing!


You can tell the sun has come out in Germany. Look at those freckles!

Oh and I was on the radio too, which ended up going really well. You can listen to the rebroadcast here. I highly recommend listening to some other shows of Katherine’s as well.

I just listened to one today about yoga and recovery programs working together, called the Y12SR Program. The woman who founded it, Nikki Myers, is really inspiring and just wonderful to listen to.

I have some other writing in the works, which is exciting, although it doesn’t go as fast as I would like it to. There is a poem I am working on submitting to the Freiburg Review, and I am also working on getting a reading together for my book in Santa Cruz, CA. We’ll see how it all pans out.

Right now, I am knitting another Cadence sweater. I love the one I made a few years ago and so thought I would try another color.

This one gets tons of wear. It goes with everything, especially dandelions.

This one gets tons of wear. It goes with everything, especially dandelions.

This time it’s blue, and I am just loving the color.

cadence beginAnyhow, I hope you are doing well. Things will heat up for me in the next week with a huge printing convention in Düsseldorf and then an editor camp in Majorca. (Not bad, right?) I hope to come back with a few interesting photos. And there are plenty of other things to say too.

It’s all about making the time and accepting imperfection, right? Love yourselves and be kind. I’ll do my best as well 🙂

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Maryn June 23, 2016 at 7:50 pm

Hey there – I find myself asking that same question of whether it is possible to find truly meaningful work. I look forward to hearing your thoughts once you’ve sorted them out 🙂


Rebecca A. Watson June 23, 2016 at 9:26 pm

This is such a big question. I’ll definitely be writing about it. Maybe we can do a QnA or something together … I would like to get other ppl’s opinion about this.


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