About Rebecca Watson

I’m a fierce optimist. I believe in the power of making life happen.

I started this blog as a journalist, where I worked in what I jokingly referred to as the Murder Section. Sunny Sanguinity was a way for me to put something positive into the world.

I’m no longer working in the newspaper industry, but I still like putting happy vibes onto the Internet. Sunny Sanguinity has evolved into more than just optimism. It’s about my lust for life and my search for beauty, truth and balance.

I grew up in Minnesota, lived four years in California and just moved to Freiburg, Germany where I’m living my dream. I’m not an expat — I’m an immigrant. Ich lerne Deutsch. I’ll travel anywhere I get the opportunity.

The photos on this blog are oftentimes taken by me or my hubby. If they are another artist’s, I always link to their work, so if you like a photo, you should check out more of their stuff. I find a lot of my images via Flickr’s Creative Commons search and Pixabay.

Like my style? My writing’s for hire. Email me! I look forward to hearing from you.

Love, blessings and light!


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