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Business Club is a recently-launched fintech company that has developed a unique set of tools that empower businesses to achieve more. The company has created its own cryptocurrency, wallet, exchange, and prepaid cards. All these products and services have created a unique ecosystem that will help companies and individuals achieve more in an efficient manner. The company’s products have been in development for more than two years.

Business Club Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Started by professionals with decades of experience in the financial sector.
  • Regulated by the Maltese financial regulator.
  • Easy to use Android and iOS apps
  • Dedicated customer service representatives.
  • Built with security in mind.
  • Minimal fees to use the platform.


  • The website can be made much better.
  • A young company that has not been tested in large scale.
  • Price of BCT will continue to fluctuate.
  • It does not accept fiat currencies

What Products are Offered by Business Club

Business Club Token

Business Club has been built using the blockchain technology. As the name suggests, it is a technology that allows the use of various blocks that are interconnected with one another. A block is made up of time-stamped series of immutable records of data. This data is not under the management of anyone. Instead, the data is controlled by all users and can’t be changed. The blockchain technology is best-known for its role in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Business Club Token (BCT) is an important part of the Business Club Ecosystem. It is the core that connects the members of the club. The token, which is stored in the Business Club Active Wallet has the real purchasing power that other currencies have. The currency also changes hand within the ecosystem.

Business Club Active Wallet

A Business Club Wallet is a digital wallet that allows members and holders of the Business Club Token to store their currencies. The wallet, which is available in the web, Android, and iOS versions has been built to ensure that all tokens are safe and tamperproof. The members in the ecosystem can use the BCT tokens in their wallet to shop. They can also share the tokens with other members in the ecosystem.

Business Club Blockchain (BCB)

Cryptocurrencies are developed using the blockchain technology. The Business Club Blockchain (BCB) is the technology that powers the development of the Business Club Tokens. In total, only 720 million BCT tokens will be created. When this number is reached, the Business Club Blockchain technology will cease producing more tokens. Each BCT will be worth $1. This will lead to an increase in the price of BCT Tokens as the supply thins while demand increases.

Business Club Prepaid Cards

Business Club has developed prepaid cards that help manage funds in the active wallet. There are five prepaid cards that have been powered by Visa. These cards are:

  • Space Black Metal – This is the most premium prepaid card by BCT Club. It has a BCT stake of 50,000 BCT, a 5% cashback, an ATM withdrawal limit of $2,500, and a maximum card balance of $50,000.
  • Pearl White Metal – This is a card that has a BCT stake of 25,000 BCT, a 4% cashback, an ATM withdrawal limit of $2,500, and a maximum balance of $25,000.
  • Pure Gold Metal – This is a prepaid card with a stake of 5,000 BCT, a 3% cashback, an ATM withdrawal limit of $1,000, and a maximum balance of $20,000.
  • Royal Blue Plastic – This card has a BCT stake of 1,000 BCT, a 2% cashback, an ATM withdrawal limit of $1,000, and a maximum balance of $15,000.
  • Leaf Green Plastic – This is a free card that has a 1% cashback, an ATM withdrawal limit of $250, and a maximum balance of $15,000

Business Club Cloud

Cloud computing has become an integral part of how businesses are run. It is a good model for ensuring efficiency and slashing business operating costs. Business Club has developed an intuitive cloud computing service that allow users to store documents and files. Users can save more up to 2 terabyte of data.

Business Club Social Network

The Business Club Social Network is a product within the Business Club ecosystem that allow users to communicate, share data, advertise their business, and buy more items. These transactions can all be completed using the BCT token.

Business Club Exchange

The Business Club Exchange is a product that is expected to be launched in 2019. The product will enable BCT Tokens holders to sell and buy BCT tokens.

How to Join the Business Club

The first step of joining the Business Club is to visit the website. On the right side of the home page, you will see the sign-up button. Follow the button and it will take you to the next page where you are supposed to enter your details. Ensure that you enter accurate details. Also, ensure that you read the terms and conditions of the company. Since the company is in early days, you need to have a reference user number to proceed. You should then verify your email address by clicking a link that is sent to you.


How to Sign-In in Business Club

On the homepage, there is a sign in button at the top side. You should enter your email address or username and password to proceed. You should consider activating a two-step authentication process to go on. Alternatively, you can login using the Android mobile app. The company has not yet launched the iOS version of the app.

Business Club Account Verification

As with all financial products, it is important that you be verified. Verification helps to prove the identity of the users. It is also required by the law. You get your account verified by clicking a link or button that is sent to you. After signing up, you will be required to send an up to date picture of yourself and identification documents.

Is Business Club Regulated?

Business Club is regulated by the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA). MFSA is one of the most respected financial regulators in the European Union. Still, the company has not indicated whether it has offices in Malta or not.

What are the Fees Charged by Business Club?

The Business Club charges minimal charges on transactions made inside the network. The active wallet charges between 0.3% and 0.4% from your account every day. The company has a 45-day ‘soft’ period for all money customers deposits. This means that the company will charge you 15% of the amount you have deposited if you decide to withdraw during this soft day period. Meanwhile, the company also charges a commission of 0.25% on all transactions done in the ecosystem.

Members in the ecosystem can make money by referring other members in the company. This commission depends on the amount the referred client deposits in the ecosystem.

Currencies Accepted by Business Club

Business Club has adopted a digital currency approach. This means that it does not accept fiat currencies for deposits. The company accepts the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • BCT
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Tether

How to Deposit Money in Business Club

Business Club does not accept deposits using the convectional methods like debit cards, PayPal, and Skrill. Instead, it accepts digital currencies, which are usually deposited from other wallets.

Business Club Customer Support

Customer support is very important to all businesses. Customers with queries can send the company an email or contact it through social media. Users can also read the detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Still, the company could do more to improve how it communicates with the customers. For example, it has no contact page. Instead, it forwards a person to write them an email message. Another problem is that Business Club has not said where it is based. While it is regulated in Malta, the team members listed are all in Switzerland. The company’s website is only available in English.

Is Business Club a Safe Place to Invest?

Business Club is a young company that was launched in 2020. It has been in development since 2018 and the roadmap shows that it will continue being developed up to 2021. From the surface, a lot has not been answered. For example, while the company has mentioned about the founders, it has not mentioned more about where it is located. Also, the BCT exchange has not yet been launched, which means that selling your BCT tokens could be a bit difficult. Nonetheless, as with all young companies, we recommend that you invest just a small part of your money. You should understand the risks.



  • Bitcoin,
  • Ethereum,
  • BCT,
  • Bitcoin Cash,
  • Ripple,
  • Monero,
  • Dash,
  • Litecoin,
  • Tether,