Best Free Forex Signals Telegram Groups 2021

Samantha Forlow
18 November 2020 | Updated: 22 September 2021

Forex signals can take your currency trading endeavours to the very next level. You will receive trading suggestions that you can copy from Telegram to MT4. These trading suggestions will outline which buy/sell, entry, and exit orders you need to place – and at which prices.

This allows you to benefit from in-depth technical analysis without needing to lift a finger.  With that said, the forex trading scene can move at an incredibly fast pace.

This is why you are best advised to use a forex signal service that distributes alerts via Telegram. In doing so, you will never miss a forex trading opportunity again.

This is exactly what we at Learn 2 Trade offer – a fully-fledged Telegram forex signal service that provides you with an average of 5 tips per today. Read on to find out more about what we offer!


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    Learn 2 Trade Free Signals Service

    LT2 Rating

    • Get 3 Free Signals per Week
    • No Payment or Card Details Needed
    • Test the Effectiveness of our High-Level Signals
    • Major, Minor, and Exotic Pairs Covered


    What are Telegram Forex Signals?

    Telegram forex signals are simply trading suggestions that are sent to you via the app. In its most basic form, your chosen signal provider might send you a currency trading tip that looks like the following:

    • Entry Order: Buy AUD/CAD at 0.9590
    • Stop-Loss: 0.9520
    • Take-Profit: 0.9690

    As you can see from the above, you are presented with everything you need to go and place the respective tip at your chosen forex broker. That is to say, you know which pair the signal relates to, whether you should go long or short, and what entry, stop-loss, and take-profit orders you should place.

    This is why forex signals are so popular – as they alleviate the need for you to perform any research of your own. After all, getting comfortable with technical indicators and chart reading tools can take many years to master.

    Why Telegram?

    Learn 2 Trade – like several other forex signal providers active in the space – have decided to set-up shop via Telegram. This is for many key reasons. First and foremost, Telegram can be downloaded by anyone at the click of a button via the Google Play or App Store.

    You don’t need to pay anything to install the app, nor is there a monthly or annual fee of any sort. This is why Telegram is now home to over 400 million users around the world.  The Telegram app works in a similar way to Whatsapp, meaning that you will be sending and receiving messages via an internet connection.

    From our perspective here at Learn 2 Trade, this allows us to provide our forex signal Telegram service on a global scale. Most importantly, when we send out a forex signal to the many thousands of members within our Telegram group, the message is sent in real-time. When it arrives, a notification will ping up on your phone.

    Telegram Signal Community

    An additional reason why we at Learn 2 Trade have opted for a Telegram forex signal service is the community aspect of the application. For example, if you join our forex signal service, you will automatically be added to our Telegram group.

    In doing so, you will be joining heaps of other like-minded members that want to make consistent gains in the forex scene.  While some of our members are seasoned traders, others are complete newbies. This means that irrespective of your prior forex experience, you can communicate with your fellow group members.

    We are proud of the trading community that we have built via our forex signal Telegram group – as everyone is in it to help each other. For example, if somebody has spotted a technical movement on GBP/USD charts, they can notify the group of their findings.

    Free Forex Signals Telegram

    By performing a quick internet search, you are likely to be inundated with heaps of free forex signals Telegram groups. Now, it is important to remember that outperforming the currency trading market on a consistent basis is no easy feat.

    On the contrary, it takes many years of experience to read, analyze, and interpret pricing charts and technical indicators effectively. As a result, if a provider is offering a free forex signals Telegram group, there is likely to be a catch.

    After all, why would the signal provider give away their Secret Sauce for free? What we usually find is that a free forex signals Telegram group will black-out key information. For example, the provider might tell you to go short on AUD/NZD at 1.08.

    However, if it doesn’t give you the required stop-loss and take-profit prices – you don’t have an exit strategy in place. In other words, the free forex signals Telegram group will ask you to pay an additional to obtain the blacked-out data!

    Learn 2 Trade Forex Telegram Signals: How do They Work?

    If you’re completely new to the world of Learn 2 Trade and our top-rated Telegram forex signal service, let us explain everything you need to know.

    In-House Trading Team

    First and foremost, you might be wondering where we actually get our top-rated Telegram forex signals from. Put simply, we have a team of experienced in-house traders here in our London-based office.

    These traders are responsible for scanning the currency trading markets around the clock. The key here is to look for potential trading opportunities when certain trends arise. In order to achieve this, our team will utilize a plethora of technical indicators and chart drawing tools.

    Crucially, our in-house traders all work together to ensure that our subscribers are accustomed to profit-making opportunities as soon as a market move has been identified.

    We should make it clear that finding a potential trading opportunity is only half the battle. That is to say, we at Learn 2 Trade will also attempt to ascertain the most efficient and risk-averse entry and exit points. As you might know, this includes a series of orders – such as buy/sell orders, stop-loss orders, and take-profit orders.

    We cover this in the section below.

    Suggested Forex Trading Orders

    Any seasoned trader will tell you that you must always have an entry and exit plan when engaging with the forex scene. Without one, you are effectively gambling. This is why our team of in-house traders will always have a profit target in mind, as well as a risk-ceiling. Before we get to that. let’s start with that all-important entry price.

    Buy/Sell Entry Price

    In all but a few cases, our Telegram forex signals will always come with a suggested buy or sell limit price. The only exception to this rule is if a trading opportunity needs to be seized on immediately, meaning we’ll tell you to place a market order.

    Nevertheless, the limit order price that we send you via Telegram will represent the most favorable price to enter the market.

    • For example, let’s suppose that we think that you should go short on EUR/JPY – which is currently priced at 123.06.
    • Although we might think that this pair should be shorted via a sell order, we don’t think that 123.06 is a good price to enter the market.
    • On the contrary, we might expect the price to rise over the next few hours before it hits a crucial resistance level.
    • As per the above, we might suggest entering your sell limit order at 123.78

    As mentioned above, only in a very few cases will we opt for a market order over a limit order.

    Take-Profit Price

    Make no mistake about it – each and every Telegram forex signal that we send you will contain a take-profit order price. Put simply, this is the price that we believe the respective forex pair to reach in the short-term.

    If and when this does happen, your take-profit order will automatically close your position and thus – lock in your gains.

    • We often take a systematic approach to our Telegram forex signals. That is to say, we’ll typically take a 1:3 risk/reward ratio.
    • This means that our take-profit order target in percentage terms will be three times that of our potential risk.

    For example, if we are willing to make a maximum loss of 1%, then our take-profit target will be gains of 3%.

    Stop-Profit Price

    Much like take-profit orders, stop-loss orders are something that all of our Telegram forex signals will provide. As we briefly covered above, this is simply the price that our position will be closed at if the trade is moving in the right direction.

    If sticking with our commonly used 1:3 risk/reward ratio, this means that we will set our stop-loss price at 1%.

    For example:

    • Let’s suppose that we are trading GBP/USD – which is currently priced at 1.2978.
    • We think that the pair will rise in the coming hours, so we set up an appropriate buy limit order.
    • In order to get our 1% stop-loss order in, we’d need to set up the price at 1.2849.
    • This means that were GBP/USD to drop to this figure, our trade would be closed and our losses would be capped at 1%.

    Crucially, this ensures that our Telegram forex signals allow you to trade in a super risk-averse manner.

    Distribution via Telegram

    Once all of the above has been quantified by our team of in-house traders – they will then proceed to distribute the information to our Telegram forex signal members. In doing so, you as a member will receive a notification on your mobile device letting you know that you have a new message on Telegram.

    By default, you will be able to see at the top of your phone who the message has been sent by (us) and the first couple of sentences of the said message. All you need to do then is click on the message preview to go straight to the Learn 2 Trade Telegram forex signal group.

    It is here that you will see a message like the following:

    Instrument: EURCAD (INTRA DAY)
    Order: Sell
    Entry price: 1.5510
    Stop: 1.5600
    Target: 1.5389
    Recommended risk: 1%
    RRR: 1:2

    Now, as you might have noticed, the above trade on EUR/CAD has a risk/reward ratio of 1:2. Sure, we mentioned earlier that in most cases we take a 1:3 approach, this isn’t set in stone. After all, the forex trading scene is a highly complex and diverse battleground.

    As such, in some instances, we might submit a trading suggestion that takes a slightly different approach. The end game is still the same – we aim to profit from our trade in the most risk-averse manner.

    You might also notice that our Telegram forex signal includes a ‘recommended risk’ level of 1%.  This is something that all of our Telegram forex signals include, it relates to the amount of trading capital that we think you should risk on this particular suggestion.

    For example, if your forex broker account balance stands at $2,000 then a 1% recommended risk level would see you stake $20 on this position. As such, this should not be confused with our suggested stop-loss order price.

    Acting on our Telegram Forex Signals

    So now that you know how the Learn 2 Trade Telegram forex signal system works, we now need to explain the process of acting on our suggestions. Crucially, it is imperative that you use an online forex broker that meets a set of important criteria.

    This includes the following:


    Make no mistake about it – you must use an online forex trading site that is licensed by a reputable body. Most of the platforms we tend to use are regulated by the likes of the FCA (UK), CySEC (Cyprus), and/or ASIC (Australia). Ultimately, this ensures that you can act on our Telegram forex signals in a 100% safe and secure environment.

    Supported Pairs

    While a lot of our Telegram forex signals focus on major and minor pairs – this isn’t always the case. On the contrary, our team of in-house traders often find profit-making opportunities on less liquid pairs.

    For example, this might include a pair that contains the South African rand or the Kenyan shilling. With this in mind, we would suggest using a forex broker that offers heaps of pairs – not just in the major and minor department, but exotics, too.

    In doing so, this will ensure that you are always in a position to act on our trading suggestions as soon as the Telegram signal arrives.

    Fees and Commissions

    As we have discussed in this guide, we often opt for a 1:3 risk/reward ratio. On the one hand, although these gains are somewhat modest, they can very quickly add up over the course of the month.

    However, your ability to maximize your profits will be hindered if you are using a broker that does not offer competitive fees and commissions. 

    For example: 

    • Let’s suppose that you stake $500 on one of our Telegram forex signals
    • Your chosen broker charges a commission of 1% – so that’s $5 for placing the order
    • Our profit target of 3% is achieved, so your $500 stake is now worth $515
    • You exit the position – again paying a commission of 1% – totaling $5.15
    • As such, you paid $10.15 in commission on this particular trade

    As per the above, this makes the trade somewhat unviable, as you would have paid more in commission that you actually realized in profit. This is why we only suggest forex platforms that allow you to trade in a 100% commission-free manner. 

    In doing so, the above trade would have allowed you to keep all of the $15 gains that our Telegram forex signal yielded. In addition to commissions, you should also ensure that your chosen broker offers tight spreads. 

    This is an indirect fee that is often overlooked by newbie traders. For those unaware, the spread is simply the difference between the buy and sell price of the currency pair offered by your broker. In most cases, our recommended brokers offer spreads of less than 1 pip of major pairs.  

    Mobile Trading App

    It is also important that you choose a forex trading platform that offers a fully-fledged mobile app. If this is something offered by the broker, it will usually be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The reason that we think mobile trading apps are important for our Telegram signal service is that the forex scene moves at an incredibly fast pace. 

    For example, we might send out a forex trading signal that needs to be acted on immediately. If you are away from your main desktop device – you will still receive the signal via the Telegram app. But, if you don’t have access to your forex brokerage account on your phone, you won’t be able to act on the signal. 

    Once again, all of the forex platforms that we recommended here at Learn 2 Trade offer top-rated mobile apps. This will ensure that you never miss the opportunity to act on one of our Telegram forex signals! 

    Forex Signals on Telegram – Plans and Pricing

    It goes without saying that our team of in-house traders at Learn 2 Trade work extremely hard. They utilize years worth of experience in the space to bring you the very best Telegram forex signals. 

    With this in mind, we do charge a fee for our premium account. But, before we get to that, it is important to note that we also offer a free Telegram forex signal service. 

    We explain how this works in the section below. 

    Free Forex Signals

    By entering a simple Google search with something along the lines of ‘Free Forex Signals’ – you will be inundated with thousands of results. This is because the trading signal scene is jam-packed with providers that offer the moon on a stick. 

    As you likely know, the vast majority of these providers never truly meet any of the bold claims that they make. Instead, they are experts at aggressive marketing – subsequently promising you ‘guaranteed’ profits that not even the most skilled traders would ever dream of being able to make. 

    Taking the somewhat ‘shady’ reputation that the forex signal scene has, we at Learn 2 Trade offer a fully-fledged ‘free’ signal service. These signals come with all of the key data points mentioned earlier – such as entry, stop-loss, and take-profit order prices. 

    In other words, our free forex signals do not blackout any of the information that you need to act on the suggestion. The key difference between that of our free and premium accounts is that the former provides just 3 Telegram forex signals per week. 

    On the contrary, the premium account comes with an average of 5 signals per day. Nevertheless, the overarching reason that we offer free Telegram forex signals is that we want you to see how consistent our team of in-house traders are. 

    Sure, we can make super-bold claims like the vast majority of providers in this industry, but that simply won’t cut it. Instead, by starting off with our free forex signals, you can test our trading suggestions without needing to risk a single cent. 

    In fact, you don’t even need to risk any of your trading capital – as you can use a forex demo account to test our suggestions out. In doing so, you can assess whether or not our Telegram forex signals are right for your financial goals and attitude to risk. 

    Premium Forex Signals

    The vast bulk of Learn 2 Trade members are on the premium account. The key reason for this is that premium members receive Telegram forex signals throughout the day. This covers all global time zones – so it doesn’t matter where you are based – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make money. 

    As we noted in the section above, the premium account usually comes with 5 Telegram forex signals per day. Now, in terms of pricing, we are a fair and simple monthly package that can be cancelled any time – no questions asked. 

    You can choose from three packages, which are listed below:

    • £35 per month – billed monthly
    • £65 for three months (£21.66 per month) – billed quarterly 
    • £95 for six months (£15.83 per month) – billed annually
    • £250 for Lifetime Access

    As you can see from the above, our Telegram forex signal prices are very competitive. To put it frankly – if you’re serious about making long-term gains in the currency trading scene, then a maximum monthly fee of £35 is extremely competitive. 

    And of course, if you sign up for a slightly longer plan, you get this price down even further. Don’t forget – we at Learn 2 Trade never lock you into an agreement that you cannot get out of. On the contrary, you can cancel your subscription at any given time. 

    Note: You can get our premium forex signals free for one year. All you need to do is open an account with Longhorn FX and make a deposit. Then, email [email protected] with a screenshot of your funded account to get access!

    Learn 2 Trade Telegram Forex Signals – Monthly Targets

    Much like our individual Telegram forex signals, our team of in-house traders has several targets that they set themselves each month. At the forefront of this is a monthly ‘win rate’ of 76%. If you’re not familiar with how the win rate ratio works, this is simply the percentage of successful trades that our signals yielded over the course of a month. 

    For example, let’s suppose that our Telegram forex signals send out 100 suggestions in the month of December. Out of these 100 trades, a win rate of 76% would mean that 76 were profitable, while the remaining 24% were not. 

    With that being said, it is important to note that the win rate is completely different from a monthly ‘return on investment’ (ROI). This is because the former only tells us how many winning and losing trades we had over a set period of time. The latter, however, tells us how much financial profit we made in a month – based on our total stake. 

    For example:

    • Let’s say that over the course of January, our Telegram forex signals yielded an ROI of 35%
    • In total, you acted on 100 of our trading suggestions – staking $50 on each position
    • This means that in total, your outlay was $5,000 
    • Of this figure, you made 35% in gains
    • As such, you made $1,750.

    This is by far the easiest way to calculate your monthly profits and losses. After all, you won’t necessarily always stake the same amount. In fact, you can be all-but-certain that your trade sizes will vary on each position. 

    For example, while your first trade initially risks 1% of a $5,000 account balance, your tenth trade might risk 1.5% of a $6,000 balance. The point here is that while our historical win rate of 76% is important, you also need to be mindful of how much you are staking in percentage terms against that of your overall trading capital. 

    Other Forex Signals Telegram Groups

    We at Learn 2 Trade want our members to make informed decisions. With this in mind, below we discuss a number of other Telegram forex signal groups currently in the market.


    With more than 21,000 members, FXStreet is a Telegram signal group with a large attendance. This is mostly due to their longevity – they have been in operation for over 10 years. Of course, this also speaks strongly of the group’s effectiveness, as it wouldn’t have been able to attract so many members.


    Without a doubt, the group makes bold claims, such as a 90% accuracy rate as well as gaining up to 600 pips per week. FX Street has a website, asides from the Telegram group, which houses its stronger features. Educational materials, insights into the forex market, important news developments, and real-time exchange rates are among its best offerings. All these, including weekly webinars and analysis videos, are accessible only on the premium plan.

    You can choose from several payment options. This includes a monthly plan which costs $35, a 3-month plan which goes for a reduced $31.66 per month, and a 6-month plan for $26.66 per month. Once you make your payment, you get access to the Telegram group, which provides 24-hour customer support.

    FXPro Signals

    FX Pro is a signal provider that is home to four in-house traders. These well-experienced traders scan the markets across the different time zones, scouting for the best opportunity for you to place a trade. Once they identify any such opportunity, they let you know immediately so you can act on the signal findings as soon as possible.

    FX Pro has considerable popularity in the forex signal provider space. Like many other signal providers, they also make some strong claims, touting a success rate of 89 out of every 100 signals provided. They also make claims of over 1000 pips per week.

    FXPro Signals review

    FX Pro claims to differentiate itself from other providers by their provision of a weekly subscription. The weekly plan costs $7 and you can decide beforehand if you want to commit to a longer period – by using a demo account to test out their effectiveness. If you are satisfied with what you see, you can then go for a monthly or quarterly plan.

    The more extensive subscription plans are for three months and a year, which cost $120 and $380 respectively. They also have a $500-lifetime membership subscription that gives you unlimited access to the Telegram group.


    Pipchasers is relatively young, having been operating for just about four years. In addition to providing signals on forex, you also get tips for market action on precious metals (silver and gold). The team of analysts at Pipchasers undertake comprehensive chart research to come up with the suggested trades.

    Of course, each suggestion from Pipchasers, like we do at Learn 2 Trade, covers the whole spectrum from the currency pair to the take profit and stop-loss prices, as well as when to enter the market. All the necessary information gets to the Telegram group in real-time.


    The gains, according to the team at Pipchasers, numbers up to 1,500 pips per month. They claim to achieve this by sending up to 3 signals each day. Like with the other providers, there is a subscription fee.

    There are three plans which have the same scope of service but only differ in the length of time you wish to keep receiving signals. The plans start from $59 per month to $149 for three months and $249 for six months. You can cancel your subscription anytime you wish.

    The Forex Institute

    This is a UK-based forex signals provider. The Forex Institute also lays bold claims to an 85% success rate and a monthly reach of 1,500 pips, just like Pipchasers. Also, similar to other providers we have discussed, they send out the signals in real-time.

    The signals cover the full spectrum required data – such as the currency pairs to be traded, the entry and exit prices, and whether it’s a buy or sell order. The Forex Institute provides prompt customer support on the Telegram group and even on WhatsApp.

    the forex institute review

    You will have to pay $50 for a month to get access to these forex signals. This comes with a 3-day trial period to test out the signals on a demo account. You cannot be blamed for thinking this is too short a time to verify their claims, not least because the forex markets move at a rapid pace.

    However, you can cancel the plan at any time if you feel unsatisfied with the provider. The best thing to do is to use the time testing the signals on a demo account. If you decide to cancel, all you stand to lose is the initial $50 for the plan – as opposed to a large percentage of your trading capital.

    How to Join our Forex Signal Telegram Group

    If you like the sound of joining a 100% transparent, top-rated forex signal Telegram group – follow the steps below to get started right now!

    Step 1: Open a Forex Broker Account

    As we noted earlier, you will need to have an active forex broker account in order to act on your signals. If you already have an account with a broker that you are happy with – you can skip to the next step.

    If not, you can read our guide on the best forex brokers here. Don’t have time to read our guide? Well, if you’re looking for guidance on which forex trading site is worth using alongside our signals – you might want to try

    Eightcap - Regulated Platform With Tight Spreads

    Our Rating

    • Minimum deposit of just $250
    • 100% commission-free platform with tight spreads
    • Fee-free payments via debit/credit cards and e-wallets
    • Thousands of CFD markets including Forex, Shares, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies
    Start your journey towards reaching all your financial goals right here.

    This regulated brokerage firm allows you to trade heaps of forex pairs commission-free. Spreads are also tight and you easily deposit and withdraw funds, with several payment methods to choose from.

    Step 2: Choose a Learn 2 Trade Signal Plan

    Once you have a low-cost forex brokerage account, you then need to decide which Learn 2 Trade plan you want to opt for. If you’re new to signals and want to try us out first – you can start with the free plan. This will get you 3 signals per week.

    If 3 signals per week doesn’t quite cut it for you, then the premium plan will get you around 5 signals per day. If you want to try the premium plan out before making a longer-term commitment, then the then prices start from £35 for the month. If you want to get the price down, 3 and 6-month packages are well considering.

    Step 3: Download Telegram and Join 

    Once you have a Learn 2 Trade signal plan in place, you can then proceed to download the Telegram app to your phone. You can do this directly from the official Telegram store or search for it in the Google Play / Apple stores.

    Then, proceed to join the Learn 2 Trade Telegram group. In doing so, you will then receive our Telegram forex signals in real-time – directly to your phone!

    Forex Signals Telegram Guide: The Verdict?

    In summary, receiving forex signals via the Learn 2 Trade Telegram group will allow you to trade currencies without needing to do any of the legwork.

    This means no technical or fundamental analysis – and no requirement to sit at your device for hours on end research price movements. Instead, our Telegram forex signals will send a notification to your phone as soon as a trading opportunity arrives just make sure you use the best forex trading platform UK for beginners.

    If you want to full Learn 2 Trade signal experiences – which also includes cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks – our premium account will afford you an average of 5 suggestions per day. This also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee – so if for any reason you’re not happy, you can request a full refund – no questions asked!


    Learn 2 Trade Free Signals Service

    LT2 Rating

    • Get 3 Free Signals per Week
    • No Payment or Card Details Needed
    • Test the Effectiveness of our High-Level Signals
    • Major, Minor, and Exotic Pairs Covered



    What is a forex signal Telegram group?

    As the name suggests, this is a forex signal service offered by Learn 2 Trade - that will send you trading suggestions directly to your Telegram app.

    What is the win rate of the Learn 2 Trade Telegram forex signal service?

    Historically, we have achieved a win rate of 76%. This means that for every 100 signals we send, 76 return a profit.

    How do I know if your forex signal service is legit?

    We understand that the forex signal scene is dominated by scam artists. This is why we offer several safeguards. Firstly, our premium plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if for any reason you are not happy with our service, you can request a full refund at any time within this period. Moreover, we also offer a free signal service. This will get you 3 signals per week and allow you to test-drive our service out before upgrading to the premium account.

    What pairs does yourTelegram forex signal service cover?

    Our forex signal service covers dozens of pairs. Most come from within the major and minor categories, albeit, we do cover exotics too.

    What do your Telegram forex signals look like?

    All of our forex signals come with the respective pair, whether you should buy or sell, the entry price, and the stop-loss and take-profit price.