FX News Feed

FX News Feed

GBPJPY Continues to Trend Lower as It Is Set to Rebound

GBPJPY Analysis – Price Is Set to Rebound at the 149.60 Price Level GBPJPY is set to rebound at the 149.60 key level. The price is, however, in a bearish state as the market keeps making lower lows and highs. The market continues to retest the trend line channel, and the more it is retested, […]

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AUDUSD Continues To Rise Amid a Negative Market Outlook

AUDUSD Price Analysis – September 30 During the American session, the AUDUSD gained traction and surged to 0.7257, a new daily high supported by a broad-based US dollar decline. The DXY is down 0.20 percent, marking the first time it has dropped following four days of gains. Despite stable US bond yields and uneven US […]

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USDJPY Rally Continues as It Gains More Bullish Momentum

USDJPY Analysis – Price Continues to Rally Upward as Momentum Increases USDJPY rally continues as the bullish momentum increases. The buyers gained this position after a bullish engulfing candle near the 109.100 significant key level. The bulls then increased the pressure, and the market continues to rally upward. The price is, however, set to reach […]

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USDCAD Remains on an Upward Trajectory

USDCAD Price Analysis – September 29 USDCAD remains on an upward trajectory as it keeps bouncing off an uptrend line. This upward trajectory has enabled the market to systematically and continuously break through the resistance levels it encounters. The market is therefore seen displaying consistent higher highs and higher lows. However, the market was blocked […]

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USDCHF Gains Ground for the 2nd Day in a Row on Wide USD Strength

USDCHF Price Analysis – September 28 The USDCHF pair is trading higher on Tuesday, with the pair last seen trading around 0.9300, up almost 0.45 percent on the day. After posting strong positive momentum in the US session, the pair is consolidating gains. The USD continued to benefit from rising US bond rates, which acted […]

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EURCHF Bulls Have Run Out of Steam to Continue Their Rally

EURCHF Price Analysis – September 28 EURCHF bulls have run out of steam in their bid to take the market upward. This comes after the market had powered through the 1.08190 barrier. Signs of weakness for the bulls began to surface at 1.09000. Price immediately dropped back to find support on 1.08190. EURCHF fluctuated in […]

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AUDJPY Is Rising in Consolidation

AUDJPY Price Analysis – September 27 AUDJPY is rising in consolidation after striking the support at 78.850. The upper boundary of the consolidation zone lies at the 81.900 key level. The intent of the market at the moment is to forcefully break out of consolidation while still in its early stages. But it is expected […]

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GBP/USD Makes Positive Moves but May Face Rejection at Level 1.3750

Key Resistance Levels: 1.4200, 1.4400, 1.4600Key Support Levels: 1.3400, 1.3200, 1.3000 GBP/USD Price Long-term Trend: BullishGBP/USD is in an uptrend but the upward move has been interrupted at the high of level 1.3750. After declining to the low of 1.3657, the pair has resumed a fresh uptrend. Today, the market has risen to a high […]

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EURUSD Trading Beneath 1.1700 Amid a Weaker Dollar, German Election

EURUSD Price Analysis – September 27 After a three-week slump under 1.1720 into the early American session, EURUSD sellers are still at odds with buyers. The US Dollar Index depreciates little but remains over 92.70. The euro is being weighed down by Germany’s election results, following ECB’s Lagarde speech. Key LevelsResistance Levels: 1.1805, 1.1804, 1.1750Support […]

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NZDUSD Is Disallowed From Climbing Above Transition Zone

NZDUSD Price Analysis – September 26 NZDUSD is disallowed at the 0.71560 key level from passing the transition zone to the upper half of its general consolidation zone. This, therefore, brings an end to the market rally that began on the 23 of August from the 0.68101 demand level. The market hit a sharp rejection […]

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